We look forward to seeing you in the cafe soon!

Our Suppliers

The Gentlemen Baristas

Those magnificent men and their coffee machines. We’ve known Henry and Ed for a few years now and love them to bits…it also helps that their coffee is excellent.  We use their amazing Deerstalker. PLUS they helped us source our grinder and espresso machine and are all round good eggs.

Go see them at 63 Union St, London SE1 1SG or The Building Centre, Store Street, WC1E 7BT

The Celtic Bakers

We get our bread from just down the road. The Celtic Bakers are in the Chocolate Factory in Wood Green and our friend Fran makes sure that we’re always getting the best. The Celtic Bakers sourdough is probably the finest we’ve tasted. The fact that the factory is walking distance just makes it taste even better!!


Chash Tea

When Dan pulled his briefcase of tea out, we knew that we were onto a winner! Chash Tea rules. Hot all year and we’ll ice it up in the Summer. They say tea makes everything better so lets drink better tea!


George turned up with so many cakes to try that we didn’t know where to start so just dived into everything. Needless to say we loved the cakes and pastries…and the Almond Croissant…it’s something else…something amazing…you’ll have to come and try it!

The Estate Dairy

We are proud to serve the best milk that we’ve ever tasted with our coffee. Our head barista Emmanuel loves it so much that he drinks a big glass every morning…without any coffee. If Ian Rush still drinks milk…then this is the milk that he drinks.